Whats New :

  1. AnyTime Vouchers
    Much more than just airtime.
    Recharge your airtime or data on all four major networks, as well as topup your online wallet using an anytime voucher
  2. SFX Money Transfer
    You can send money overseas to more than 150 Countries using SFX money Remittance
    Quick, Easy and Secure Money Remittance is as simple as getting a quote and submitting the payment.
  3. Pinless Airtime
    You no longer need to buy a pin for yourself. Simply enter the Cellphone number and Amount to TopUp directly from BuyPrepaid.co.za
  4. OTT Voucher
    Now EVERYONE can be part of the online revolution! Online payments made easy through the peoples voucher:
  5. Talk360 Voucher
    Save up to 90% on call costs to mobile and landlines anywhere in the world

How to get started:

  1. Get Started by Registering (Its Free!)
    Register your cellphone number to create an account
  2. Activate your Registration
    You will receive an SMS on the CellPhone number you used to register containing the Activation code to get you started
  3. Make a Deposit
    Make a Direct deposit at your closest Bank / ATM, do an EFT or purchase a MoolaPin Voucher from any of our nationwide vendors
    You can make a deposit 24/7/365, if you used the correct reference (your registered cellphone number) then the funds will be available in less than 5 minutes.
  4. Buy Prepaid Products
    Login to your account to purchase prepaid products.

What can I Buy?

    Buy all the voucher denominations for all major telecommunication networks
  2. DATA
    Top-Up your data by buying prepaid data vouchers
    Do you have a prepaid electricity meter? Create an account (its free) and enter your meter number to see if its supported
    There are currently over 100 prepaid electricity municipality and private vendors supported
  4. DSTV
    Do you have a DSTV or GoTV Account? You can now pay for your subscription or buy BoxOffice Credits right here.
    Create an account (its free) and enter your Customer / Smart Card or ID Number to check your Multichoice subscription status.
    If your account is suspended then making the full subscription payment will automatically reactivate your subscription.

What else can i do?

  1. RICA
    You can RICA Sims. Are you or do you want to become a certified RICA Agent?
    If Yes then you can RICA Sim cards according to the South Africa RICA Legislation and earn commission for each Activated SIM that you RICA.